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Fees Guidelines

These are guidelines; we will agree the fee basis with clients before starting work on each job. If a client asks us to to do something that is written in very technical language, or based on faint or hard-to-read original, or needs a very special layout, or is a “I know it’s 9:00 pm now, but can you have these 3000 words translated by morning?”  then extra fees will apply. Even so, it’s good to have an idea of likely costs before making contact, so here we go:

We are advanced users of Microsoft Office and are comfortable laying out pages with graphics, tables, columns and so on. For this reason we make no extra charge for using basic desk top publishing techniques or inserting customer-supplied images into documents.

We do not charge VAT.


Payment Terms and Intellectual Property Rights

We require payment within 30 days of the date of invoice. Please only use us if you are confident that you can meet this requirement. For ongoing work we invoice monthly. Invoices are issued in GB Pounds.

We accept the following means of payment:

If you would like to pay a different way talk to us. So long as it’s legal, transparent and cost neutral we will be OK with it.

Copyright on all work rests with us, until we have received full payment, when it transfers to the client.

Please send all enquiries to