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About Mike Sadler


A fishy job, by Mike

“The phone rang late one evening. It was the owner of a small haulage business; his articulated lorry, loaded with perishable goods, had been impounded in Spain and he didn’t know why. I managed to find the number of the Guardia Civil in the village in question and phoned them. It turned out that the driver had forgotten a key document that was sitting on the owner’s desk. One quick fax later and the lorry was released and with it an awful lot of fish.

It was only an hour’s work, so I charged him at interpreting rates, which worked out at £50 including the cost of the calls. I think it saved him a bit more than that!”

Mike graduated from the University of Salford in 1977 with a Joint Honours degree in Spanish and Russian, specialising in technical translation and liaison interpreting. In 1992 he added the French Final Diploma of the Institute of Linguists and his Master’s degree in Education Management in 1996. In 2012 he took the Chartered Institute of Linguists Diploma in Translation examination, passing all three modules at one sitting.

Mike has been selected on numerous occasions by a major UK translation agency to represent it for the selection tests for translations for United Nations agencies and international NGOs, based on his huge experience of translating texts related to human rights, and women’s rights in particular.

About Janet Sadler

Janet graduated from the University of Leeds in 1974 with an Honours degree in Spanish. She was a teacher and middle leader in a secondary school, starting freelance translating and interpreting in 1986. She is a superb proofreader and uses her skill not only in checking all of Mike Sadler’s output but also as a freelancer for a blue chip publisher of English language teaching materials. Janet is particularly expert not only at spotting grammar and logical errors but in catching phrasing that doesn’t quite convey the right nuance of meaning - and then putting it right.

Did you know? In the last 5 years, Janet and Mike have translated over 4 million words between them, for customers  large and small.

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